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Grove 4-digit Display - Migrating an Arduino library to Nspire Python

This project demonstrates the steps involved with migrating an existing driver library from Arduino to TI-Nspire Python, creating a 4-digit display library for the TI-Innovator system.

Editeur: T³ Deutschland - Materialien

Auteur: Hans-Martin Hilbig

Sujet:  Informatique  STEM

Tags  Coder ,  Engineering ,  Python ,  STEM ,  Technologie ,  TI-Innovator

Arduino, based on C++, is a popular programming language in the Maker Space and at Schools. Numerous low-cost sensors are available to be used with Arduino Microcontroller boards. Driver libraries are available from Open-Source portals like github.com. Although syntactically different, Python shares with Arduino its object orientation, its Open-Source nature and its popularity.

Different from Arduino, Python is an interpreter-based language, making it particularly easy for young students to create and debug their code. As an integrated learning system with all applications from coding, debug, data analysis and graphical display in one program, the TI-Innovator System ensures teachers and students focusing on the coding topic instead of infrastructure issues in their STEM (MINT) courses at school.

This project shows the process of migrating an existing Arduino driver library for a non-trivial peripheral like the Grove 4-digit display to a driver library for the TI-Innovator Hub Microcontroller module as part of the TI-Innovator system.

License not specified