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Driving Inequalities with TI-Nspire

In this activity, students will explore inequalities and the number line while writing code to navigate a set of challenges.

Editeur: Texas Instruments Inc., Texas Instruments Education Technology

Sujet:  Mathematics

Tags: Inequalities

Ongelijkheden op de TI-84 Plus CE-T

Ongelijkheden, Functies & Grafieken

Auteur: WIL-de Wiskunde

Sujet:  Mathematics

Tags: Inequalities

Applications in the Classroom

Graphing Calculator Software Applications (APPS) are pieces of software that can be downloaded onto a TI graphing calculator as you would add software to a computer to enhance its capabilit…

Editeur: T³ Europe

Editor: Koen Stulens

Auteur: Serge Etienne, Hildegard Urban-Woldron, Martin van Reeuwijk, T³ Europe

Sujet:  Mathematics, STEM

Tags: Algebra, Analysis, Animations, Calculus, Data collection, Dynamic Simulations, Finance, Inequalities, Cones, Spreadsheets, Area

What's in your breakfast?

Inequalities and data handling in the context of the nutritional content of breakfast cereals

Editeur: Texas Instruments UK

Editor: Barrie Galpin

Auteur: Linda Tetlow

Sujet:  Mathematics, Biology

Tags: STEM, Inequalities, Data