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Experience reflection dynamically: relationships between the object, the image and the position and orientation of the mirror.

Editeur: Texas Instruments UK

Editor: Barrie Galpin

Auteur: Jay Timotheus

Sujet:  Mathématiques

Tags  Symétrie axiale ,  Géométrie

A handout for students guides them through the simple steps to set up and explore reflections on their handhelds, starting with a blank page of a TI-Nspire document. Dragging the object or the mirror line around the screen gives immediate visual feedback ... and is also fun!

A TI-Nspire document entitled Reflecter.tns can be used in the second half of the activity. This provides various polygons from which tessellation patterns can be created using only reflection.

The activity forms part of the OxBox, published by Oxford University Press  to support their course 'Oxford GCSE Maths for Edexcel/OCR'.  http://www.oup.com/oxed/secondary/2010gcse/

Publisher specific license